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505 on the internet, and around the world

This house is famous.

Let me start with saying that I love bikes, and I also like computers and subsequently blogs. Those three things together make it very easy for me to like the hysterical blog, relating to bikes and how ridiculous things can get. It's called BikeSnobNYC and it's hysterical.

However, recently there has been a contest going on in blog-land. The prizes, as said by Sir Snob himself are:

It's almost time for me to finally choose a winner of The Great BSNYC/RTMS Fyxomatosis Photo Parody Contest (presented by Boston Whaler Boats--The Unsinkable Legend). Just to refresh your memory, the winner of this contest will receive: a pie plate (but not the schmata I'm using to hold the pie plate); a chainring (courtesy of Fyxomatosis); a beer cozy and an elk's tooth (courtesy of Stevil of HTATBL); and a Boston Whaler decal (courtesy of Bluenoser). You'll also get a smock, but only if you want one.

That's right. I can win a pie plate, (the actual prize of this contest--) an awesome $80 chainring, a Beer Cozy/Elk Tooth combo pack (the coolest prize) and a Boston Whaler Decal.

The contest was simple, submit sexually implicative pictures of bicycles. Easy. And this is where 505 gets involved.

Click above to see the actual flickr page, feel free to comment! (and say how thats the best picture of the bunch--hah)

We are on the map.


remember when we hung out with these dudes? check this out:

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OBAMA 09'!

my thoughts on the inauguration: yo yo ma fucking shreds.

john/mark/tom you might dig this band:

for you sunny day real estate fans:

jeremy enigk (singer/guitarist of SDRE) still plays shows and occasionally plays SDRE songs. He's like 34 now or something. this is him playing In Circles last spring. It is great.

I'll be back late wednesday (around 10) with a tattoo and mike depietro. prep yourselves.

love always,

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. Let's make it a good one full of sing-alongs and intense stovetop games.

See you guys soon.