Sunday, September 28, 2008


Doug DeSarle

Congrats Doug.
You got your shit on, AND secured a Bud tap for the house.
All around very solid weekend.

So what happens when someone doesn't make the high school football team?

They become police officers and break up our parties.

Fuck pigs.


Nice throw Johnny

hey dudes, i put together some links to free music downloads.
if your computer can't handle it just hit up my external. i got plenty more for you fools.
Thanks goes out to the contributors of THE HIVE!

New Bridge and Tunnel. East/West

new Dillinger Four: CIVIL WAR (my favorite punk band)

Living with Lions - Dude Manor E.P. (that sweet pop punk you can't resist)

Living with Lions - Make your Mark (the full length)

Conor Oberst (his solo shit for all you fagmos)

Iron Chic (ex-latterman)

Transit - This Will Not Define Us (you will love this)

alright, i would give an account of last night but i kinda ducked out when the coppers came because of my criminal record. i'll leave it to johnny or tom since they dealt with the pigs.

- Kevin

Saturday, September 27, 2008

this is a first

so after being reminded of my "pathetic" (direct quote) ab muscles,

the conversation was saved by my totally thundering biceps and more importantly "huge (thats an understatement, its more like the peach in james and the giant peach) triceps"

yup. that's me. for sure.
cops just showed up
someone write a followup to this

Beer Party!

I hope people come to our party considering we didn't tell anyone until an hour ago...

but who am I kidding we have our ways of getting the word out

That Bitch is 100% Whiskey Tango

....that is all.

- Duddy

Just Hanging Out

And you thought John McCain was weird...

Friday, September 26, 2008

im just going to chug this glass of vodka and then i'll start drinking

if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, it DOES
make a noise.

the egg came first.

these are all facts.


thinking collectively human progression expands the freedom of humanity, although it limits individual freedoms in some ways. These individual restraints (manifesting themselves in norms, taboos, laws and policies) are created by humanity through it's collective idea of what is necessary for progress. So our social "chains and shackles" were actually created by our collective mind in order to open up other freedoms within our world that we at one point could never even imagine. In creating these restrictions and laws we are in a sense trading some freedoms in for others (i.e. trading in the freedom to walk around the streets shooting heroin for the freedom to walk around the streets without seeing dudes shooting heroin.) The only problem is that as our collective freedoms grow our individual happiness remains relatively the same. In ancient society the happiness one would experience after finding a new dope-ass cave to live in would probably be the same as the happiness we would experience if we found out we won a trip traveling the world or something. Obviously I don't know this for a fact but I'm applying the relative levels of happiness i have experienced in my short life to a larger scale. I was just as content with scrambled porn 10 years ago as i am today with full screen HD videos of the hottest babes. I guess the point is that although you may be happy the inbred desire in all humans to want more than they have will keep society moving forward, even if as a society we are just as content as we were 300 years ago. In the end it's just about survival. At some point in the future humans are going to get off the planet or they are going to die, so technological advancement is necessary. It's almost as if a complex collective survival instinct exists that we cannot be individually conscience of.

that's sort of what we talked about last night i think.

smoke dope.

-"Getting a girlfriend is the worst thing you can do for yourself in this house besides (EDIT: we're trying to make this public)."
- "'s the next EDIT: lamest thing."

word to my homeboys,

It's raining, it's pouring, Dalton's mom was snoring.....

.....but really she wasn't because I kept her up all night.

Anyway, this rain is supposed to keep up all weekend which blows.

We can't let it stop us.

Let's be somebody tonight.

Over and out.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sounds kind of crazy...

I think some of you guys might have seen this, but if your in the mood to have your mind melted by theoretical science then here you go:

For best results, watch immediately after Kevin's acid trip video.

Yo dudes on a couch (and Johny)

I joined the goddamn site, so suck my 505 cock, suck my 505 cock....

Except you Johnny, quit gettin all excited, go get railed out by the dudes you take it from everytime you supposedly go to "class"......


Monday, September 22, 2008


Ballsy Operation

Some cool dude is up to some weird shit in the Mall of America... read all about it:
So guys, I finally joined this blog thing and am now exempt from all ridicule for slacking on it.. i decided i actually win as far as the weekend pact goes along w/ andrew, b/c by not trying i had made the decision not to get laid..

PBC Blog

So, Polar Bear Club just updated their blog and mentioned the Albany show:

Albany show – sweaty, best crowd response yet, stage dives, a couple high fives, I peed in a weird part of the city and I may now have poison Ivy on personal places. Favorite show as of yet.

Thought that was pretty dope, figured you guys would think that was cool too.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


look at me fucking go lets race ill throw down whenever

just so you know you guys didn't come through on the "weekend pact"

i actively made sure i didn't, so i'm pretty sure i win!!!!!!

ps look at my $170 helmet

Saturday, September 20, 2008

505 song catalog


(this ones for all of those backwoods, redneck, slack-jawed, deliverance motherfuckers.)

I was born in Mesquite, Texas.
On the road, made my way through Memphis.
Nashville, Tennessee.
On this 18 Wheeler, I'll find my way home.

"I like it Clean"

I like it clean (x4)

clean clothes,
clean house,
brushed my teeth
now i've got a clean mouth.

I like it clean (x4)

"Weekend Load"

I've got my weekend load
(weekend load)
I've got my weekend load
(weekend load)
I've got my weekend load
(weekend load)

I've got my weekend
weekend load.

you all know the last one, but i don't want to blow up Tom's spot.

they could use some work...keep practicing those harmonies.

it's saturday. time to shine. do or die.


Friday, September 19, 2008

some lucky ladies...

one walk on the beach and they would do whatever i wanted...

that's what im talking about.

...and look at how pumped they were to see my dick!

they were talking about visiting this weekend.

ill keep my fingers crossed.

- dobbs

Cheap Food

Hey hey babygirls,

I'll be at Johnny's from 9 to 3. Dalton specials could be on the house if I'm in the right company. I'll let you know once I know.

But really... this weekend...

Hopefully this weekend I'll meet a nice girl and make her my girlfriend...

oh baby, oh baby.

I'll feel like a real winner if I make this happen.

But really, hope everyone stays frosty and has a good time... should be fun.

what's up doods

we made it, it's the fucking weekend.

first off, i finally figured out the deal with the keg money:

- fresh give me 2 dollars (you already gave me 5)

- tom give me 1 dollar and johnny 6.

- mark give johnny 7.

- andrew be smart and save your money for cool bike shit.

works out to 7ish a person. dont ask questions, you'll just get confused.

besides all that,

lets get a 22nd floor swirl going on.
steal from the dining hall.

im not sure what's good tonight, but we have a fresh keg so we'll figure it out.

and then tomorrow the caleb and marine electric show at bucci's.
...and you know bucci's is a killer place to pick up some unsuspecting youngin's.

I still feel like the man having Polar Bear Club and The Gaslight Anthem written on the beer pong list, and you should too. now it's time to convince the girls. Its going to be a good one boys, let's throw up some numbers.

happy trails,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nice Face...

...but really.....this rules.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


is humid and it took everyone a billion hours to leave and i need to go to bed soon

also i invited everyone to post on here so it should get mad rowdy soon

ps. sheisty