Friday, March 20, 2009

The Biggest of Weekends

...we've been waiting a while for this. let's hope all the running has paid off and we'll be on our toes. If anyone wants a free ride down to brooklyn for the marine electric show, let me know. The show is only 5 doughlars and it comes with a cup for the keg. we'll be there early so i'm sure we will get our fill of keg beers. It might make a good weekend great. Other than that, we still have to figure out our ride situation for the pbc show. it's at shelter, so we can't walk there. we can take a cab if we absolutely had to, but we should try to avoid that. start brainstorming. also, let's hold down the door at our place on saturday. if noone comes in that we don't want in then hopefully we will not have to kick anyone out. I'm going to go out there and say that we should not get SUPER wasted until the party gets going a bit and we feel comfortable with the crowd...just in case we have to deal with a situation. There is going to be a shitload of kids at the show, so it's quite possible a lot of people we don't know get word of the party and try to come through. 2 kegs? definitely.
oh, and speaking of crime reports:
i'm glad to see we are all off the map on that one.

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