Friday, September 19, 2008

what's up doods

we made it, it's the fucking weekend.

first off, i finally figured out the deal with the keg money:

- fresh give me 2 dollars (you already gave me 5)

- tom give me 1 dollar and johnny 6.

- mark give johnny 7.

- andrew be smart and save your money for cool bike shit.

works out to 7ish a person. dont ask questions, you'll just get confused.

besides all that,

lets get a 22nd floor swirl going on.
steal from the dining hall.

im not sure what's good tonight, but we have a fresh keg so we'll figure it out.

and then tomorrow the caleb and marine electric show at bucci's.
...and you know bucci's is a killer place to pick up some unsuspecting youngin's.

I still feel like the man having Polar Bear Club and The Gaslight Anthem written on the beer pong list, and you should too. now it's time to convince the girls. Its going to be a good one boys, let's throw up some numbers.

happy trails,

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