Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nice throw Johnny

hey dudes, i put together some links to free music downloads.
if your computer can't handle it just hit up my external. i got plenty more for you fools.
Thanks goes out to the contributors of THE HIVE!

New Bridge and Tunnel. East/West

new Dillinger Four: CIVIL WAR (my favorite punk band)

Living with Lions - Dude Manor E.P. (that sweet pop punk you can't resist)

Living with Lions - Make your Mark (the full length)

Conor Oberst (his solo shit for all you fagmos)

Iron Chic (ex-latterman)

Transit - This Will Not Define Us (you will love this)

alright, i would give an account of last night but i kinda ducked out when the coppers came because of my criminal record. i'll leave it to johnny or tom since they dealt with the pigs.

- Kevin

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