Friday, December 5, 2008

"Stovetop" REVISED

The game is played with a ping pong ball and a glass cup filled with beer on the top of the stove.

This is a team game. All players are playing against the stovetop cup.

The rotation is set by the players before the game begins. The heroes from previous stovetop matches go first in order of recency.

Each player gets two shots per turn.

Games are one hour long. If the team has failed to make the shot after the hour there is one final "overtime" rotation in which each player gets one last turn. There is no time limit in overtime. If the cup is still not made, the team loses.

If a player gets the first shot of his turn off before the end of the hour he may finish his turn before overtime.

The ball must bounce from the floor to the door to be a valid shot. A shot hitting the door first or bouncing off of the wall or molding is a foul ball and does not count, even if the cup is made.

To take a valid shot all players must be present in the room or unofficially absent. Shooting while a player is on official leave from the room results in a drinking penalty of half a beer.

Players must announce when they are leaving the room by flicking the lights off and on. This is an official leave. If the player leaves the room without announcing it and a shot is taken the shot is valid and the player who failed to announce his leave drinks half a beer on top of the drink total from any shot(s) taken.

Sinking the cup when someone is out of the room on official leave results in all players pouring their beers on the shooter and a loss.

If the shot is a foul or fails to hit the stove the shooter drinks 2.

If a shot hits the front of the stove (a "stoveshot") all players other than the shooter drink 1.

If a shot hits the top of the stove (a "stovetop") all players other than the shooter drink 2

If a stovetop hits the stovetop cup after bouncing all players other than the shooter drink 3.

If a shot hits the cup on a fly all players other than the shooter drink 4.

Drinks may be taken after each shot or cumulatively after the shooters turn.

A player that shoots out of turn gets his turn skipped in the following rotation.

If a player goes out of turn and sinks the cup the team loses and beer is poured on the shooter.

If a shot hits a player and would have been a stoveshot then the player that interfered drinks half a beer, unless the interfering player is the shooter. The other players then take either 1 or 2 drinks depending on whether the shot would have been a stoveshot or a stovetop.

If a shot that would have missed the stove hits off of another player and goes into play the shot is still a miss and no drinks are taken. (this includes the other player's drink if it is in his hands, and anything else he may be wearing or holding)

A valid shot may bounce off of anything other than a player to be in play. All inanimate objects in the kitchen are part of the field, including other players' drinks if they are put down.

The next player in rotation may not shoot until the player has announced the drink total from his turn.

If the shot is valid and goes in the cup, the team wins and the game is over. All players should take healthy swigs of their drinks. This is an incredible achievement and intense celebration should ensue.

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