Thursday, December 18, 2008


that's funny mark, i just signed onto the blog with the intention of making a dream post.

my dreams are getting smarter, i'm telling you. i think my mind has gotten to a point where it requires or expects some kind of abstract thought. since i don't have you buffoons around to ponder the big questions in life with my mind is having conversations with itself in my dreams. or maybe i'm just going crazy. this one occurred sometime between 7 and 8:30 this morning:

me and tom were in some weird park right after it rained. it was very late, to the point where it was still dark but almost morning. during the whole dream there was some woman in the shadows watching and listening to us. we knew she was there but never mentioned her or felt uncomfortable about it. we had an intense conversation not unlike we would after smoking. the conversation flowed in a logical manner, which is rare for my dreams. usually they are just bat shit insane. the conversation stemmed from me stating that although i was bored with being home at first, i was starting to get used to the simple way of life. we talked about the concept of boredom, how it is developed in one's mind and how our minds respond and acclimate themselves to their environment. we decided that it is very similar to physical acclimation in the sense that it occurs as a coping mechanism to negative stimulus. the majority of the conversation, though, was on whether this 'adjustment' was a positive or negative thing. we questioned whether getting used to your environment and 'settling' with what you have diminished the drive for something more out of life. we then argued whether being happy with less was a negative thing at all, since you are in fact happy. i can go on, but i want to save it for a blunt when i get back. when i woke up i thought it was funny that my mind was basically having a conversation with itself through an image of tom. the conversation developed just as it would have if i was having a conversation with someone else in my waking life. tom brought up points out of no where that i found intriguing and built on, but the whole time it was actually my own mind that was posing these points and intriguing itself. it's crazy what your mind is capable of.


i just started reading Science at the Edge today. I'm only about 70 pages in but i can already tell that it is just what i was looking for. i can't wait to talk about it when i get back.

I don't think I am going to be able to make the Boston show. I forgot about a Christmas party that Jay planned at his apartment. I'm going to be seeing Caleb tonight and tomorrow, and Transit is playing brooklyn next saturday (dec. 27th) anyway. you guys should try to make it down for that weekend, if at all possible.

i tried wings at this bar with tom last night. matt barnes said they were better than wt's so i was interested. he was sadly mistaken; wt's wings are infinitely better.

stay warm but stay frosty,

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Dalton said...

Yeah, dreams are dope.

I can't make the shows this weekend and probably won't make the Boston one either unless there is some semblance of a crew. If such a crew doesn't assemble I think I'll have to make a trip to NYC or New Paltz sometime before break ends.